We as a Trust are committed to providing a safe environment for all our patients and staff, both in the hospital and community settings. In order to build and maintain these high safety standards, it is essential that all of us have the appropriate skills, knowledge and ability to undertake our roles.

This site provides you with the tools you need to fulfil key elements of your statutory (required by law) and mandatory (required by regulatory bodies or the Trust) safety obligations; the statutory and mandatory training compliance team are available to support staff with this.

Each member of the team brings a unique set of skills which together has set us on a path of learning, reflection and improvement. The delivery of statutory and mandatory training is designed to support the needs of the organisation, enabling us to work together towards our vision and show that We Care.

iPDF was commissioned by Barts Health NHS Trust as part of a digitisation programme to:

eliminate manual and inefficient processes

offer our staff easy access both at home and at work to all our statutory and mandatory e-assessment

allow the Trust to monitor compliance with real-time analytics

automatically link iPDF data with the Trust systems

The Trust employs around 16,000 permanent members of staff and every week up to 150 new starters join the Trust.